Creativity and design built ‘Blackhead’ into the urban clothing line you see today.

Why “Blackhead” as a brand name???

…and why not Blackhead? In NZ (New Zealand), we identify ourselves with the All Blacks, Black Caps, Black Ferns. Blackhead is not about the things on your nose that you squeeze but it is about Being Bold, Being Different, Being Brave.
Many people laugh about a name, about someone who looks different, speak differently which is why we want to challenge mindsets with this brand name for a streetwear label.

The concept of Blackhead Streetwear was born in 2018 when NZ Wellington-based Teresa Hall questioned the best way to exhibit her artwork, coming up with the idea to display artwork on urban streetwear as opposed to in studios – creating a living exhibition. 

Good design and good relationships come from collaboration. Blackhead is obsessively passionate about providing New Zealand artists with a platform for their voice and enabling them to accomplish their aspirations.